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missing/broken replay files after reinstall
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    Sep 06 19, 11:10 PM

    I made a pretty long replay a couple days ago. I tried cutting it but i think it crashed (im pretty sure this didnt cause anything but i thought id mention it). A few days later my minecraft broke after i ran 1.14.4 so i backed up my files to a external drive and uninstalled/reinstalled minecraft. However, once i ran replay mod after i reinstalled the backed up files, the replay i need was missing. older replays that i didn't need are still there. Help? I'd be willing to send the replay folders if you want more information but for now ill just share some pictures. those are the pictures of the folders. The 03 20 06 36 one i made right before the one i need and it still works

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    Sep 06 19, 11:16 PM

    and just btw I did open the 03 20 06 36 in the replay viewer to check which one it was earlier today

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    Sep 07 19, 09:31 AM

    You're saying the 03 20 06 36 works but it's not listed in the replay viewer, so what do you mean by "it still works"?

    The ".mcpr.cache" files are not replay files. They're temporary files used by the RM to store initialization work (e.g. for quick mode or for spectator keyframe positions) which it would otherwise have to redo each time you open the replay.
    The replay files are the ones ending in ".mcpr".

    "I tried cutting it but i think it crashed"
    Depending on where exactly it crashed, you may find the original replay files in the "raw" folder inside your "replay_recordings" folder, just move them up one folder for them to show up in the replay viewer.
    If the replay you're looking for is neither in the replay_recordings folder (it isn't, evident in the screenshot) nor in the "raw" folder, then your backup was insufficient and the replay is probably lost.