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It just says Saving Replay File... HELP!
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    Sep 07 19, 09:03 PM

    Ok so im playing on the 1.14.3 version and when i try to save a long reply it just saying that. Does it take long to save a becuse i have been waiting for 20 minutes. Plz reply


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    Sep 07 19, 09:40 PM

    For long replays it can take a few minutes but 20 is far too long. If you take a look in the log, you'll probably find an error message there.
    1.14.3 is no longer supported, iirc in some older versions the error popup didn't always open which would fit with what you're describing.
    You might be able to find the raw (i.e. without start/stop/pause/resume feature) replay in ".minecraft/replay_recordings/raw/" and if it's there, you can move it up one folder and chances are that it can even be open in the replay viewer.