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Weird Rendering Issue, Chunks seem to duplicate
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    Sep 13 19, 10:34 PM | Last edited: Sep 13 19, 10:35 PM

    The Bug: when I record a replay and later watch it back after some time weird chunk glitches appear, seemingly duplicating certain areas of chunks onto other chunks (see screenshot to know what I mean). Is there anything that could cause this and how would I fix it?

    OS: Windows x64 bits
    Forge: 1.8.9-
    Java: Version 8 Update 221
    Replay Mod Version: 1.8.9-2.2.0-b7
    FFmpeg: latest version as of 13-9-2019 (date of post)
    Other mods: none
    What triggers the bug: over time when the replay has been playing for a little while the random blocks start appearing as seen on the screenshot, it happens on all replays


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    Sep 14 19, 07:38 PM

    I've heard of that issue before but I've never had it myself (probably cause I don't play bedwars, that's where I've seen it most often).
    Could you upload one of your replays to some file sharing site which has this issue and give me a timestamp to which I need to jump to observe it?
    Also, does it happen even if you enable auto-recording (default) and never touch the start/stop/pause/resume buttons during recording?

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    Sep 15 19, 04:04 PM

    It also happened when I had auto recording turned on, and still after i turned it off. Generally the issue always shows after some time, getting progesively worse over time (blocks randomly appear when your watching and dont go away). The issue "resets" when i join a new game, but slowly gets worse over time again. I also noticed these "chunk duplicates" only occur at empty chunks where there was only air when the game started (so the original map didnt have any blocks there), and in a grid as shown in the screenshot.

    Link to mediafire download: and
    Effects start to show at around 5:45 and get much worse around 6:15 - 6:45

    (Btw I have no idea which files are important for the replay so I just put the link to the file and folder I found with the name of the replay)