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Friend is unable to create an account
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    Sep 13 19, 10:41 PM

    My friend which has downloaded the replay mod is unable to create an account. When he first opened the replay center it said he was logged in, which was weird since he had never created an account before. Than after he logged out because he wanted to create an account to use on the website he could not create a new account, it said: A Replay Mod account is already associated with this minecraft account. So the next thing he did was go to the website to see wether he could log in using his email which had been used for minecraft, it did not work and when trying to use reset password it said there was no account with that email address.

    Does anyone know how what could be causing this and how he would be able to make an account now?

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    Sep 14 19, 07:36 PM

    Strange. What's the UUID of your friend's Minecraft account? You can get it from e.g.

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    Sep 15 19, 04:06 PM

    his UUID is "ae859178-e905-49e4-bb59-faf55aa273ce" (his ign is TRMMax)