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Replay mod has error code when stop recording
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    Sep 15 19, 06:13 PM | Last edited: Sep 15 19, 06:15 PM

    I started recording and then left the server and it wouldn't load. This is what the crash report says.

    Spoiler: Crash Report

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    Sep 15 19, 06:18 PM | Last edited: Sep 15 19, 06:18 PM

    This is a known issue with the start/stop/pause/resume recording feature on some servers.
    Until it's fixed simply re-enable auto-recording (if you disabled it) and don't touch the start/stop/pause/resume buttons while recording on that server.

    You can recover the original replay files which failed to convert due to this bug from the replay_recordings/raw folder. Simply moving them up one folder should make them accessible in-game.