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360° render 1.14.4 shadow problem
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    Nov 04 19, 08:51 PM | Last edited: Nov 04 19, 08:59 PM

    Hello I have a rather annoying problem in version 1.14.4, I make my rendering 360° screenshot do it also for video 360° with the usual configs (equirectangular rendering, dimension 4320 2160 etc...)

    But the shadows are completely bugged most of the time there is none or there are places where there shouldn't be any.
    example inside as if the light passes through the walls so it's a rather annoying concern, because it makes this option unusable.
    I never had a problem like this on 1.12 replay mod version.

    You can look my problem on these exemples, the 2 pictures were taken at the same place same shader config, the only change is the options to take in 360°

    1 - Good shadow picture (defaut rendering 1920 1080*, mp4 sequence)

    2 - bad shadow picture (equirectangular rendering, dimension 4320 2160, mp4 sequence)

    Thank you for your time I hope that a solution to solve this problem exists :(