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Render Time is taking forever
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    Nov 05 19, 10:55 PM | Last edited: Nov 05 19, 11:37 PM

    I'm tyring to render a 14 second clip, it's my first ever.
    Whenever I try to render the video it takes forever and just goes up (even on default quality). I stopped it when the time to finish said 54min. Is this normal? On YouTube people don't seem to have this long of rendering time and my computer shouldn't either cause it's pretty decent.
    Some important specs:
    GPU: GTX 1070
    CPU: i7700k
    16gb ram at 3200MHz

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hmm i have no graphics card at all and It doesnt take that long for a 14 second clip do you have like 4k extreme shaders and resource pack? cause i could see that taking a lot longer

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    Nov 17 19, 08:50 PM

    Same thing happening to me its trying to render past what has been recorded

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    Dec 14 19, 02:40 PM

    Same problem. I just rendered a TEN second clip without even many chunks to be rendered because it's in a single room, but it took me half an hour.