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Crashes when pressing "T"
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    Nov 12 19, 08:25 PM | Last edited: Nov 12 19, 08:29 PM

    (i copied pasted, and gave the specified info.)
    - Crash log (Preferrably either in [spoiler] tags or pasted to pastebin)
    - If you have no crash log (or even if you do), paste the following:
    - Your OS (Mac/Windows/etc) including architecture (32x/64x): Windows 10 64Bits / 64x
    - Version of Forge: 1.8.9-forge1.8.9-
    - Version of Java: Java 8 Update 221 (8.0.2210.11)
    - What other mods you have installed. here:
    -Also try indicate what triggers the bug/crash. pressing t in replay.
    -If the crash/bug only occurs on a specific replay, upload the replay file and link it in your thread. No.
    -If you have uploaded a replay file, include a time-stamp (or preferably an event marker) so that the devs know where to skip to. No, Because I Don't Have One.
    -If possible, include screenshots and/or video footage (try keep it short and to the point) I Couldn't record. crash..