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Can you save a camara path?
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    Dec 28 19, 12:37 AM

    Im about to make a before and after video of our SMP server, and i got me wondering, is it possible to save a camera path so i can load it up in another replay file? I have a copy of our world before anything was build, and i would like to use the exact same camera path so i can make some smooth fades between the map that has been build on and the one that hasn't.

    any help is appreciated!

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    Dec 30 19, 04:12 PM

    Yes, it is possible. You'll have to find the replay file in your Minecraft directory (under .minecraft/replay_recordings). You'll find lots of .mcpr files, but you can change the file extention to .zip to see the contents. You'll find a timelines.json file that contains all information about the timelines you saved. You can copy that file into another replay and you'll have copied the timelines. Don't forget to change the file extentions back to .mcpr once you're done.

    Slicedlime made a tutorial for this, if you're interested: (the part you're looking for starts at 7:26)