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    Mar 03 20, 07:56 PM | Last edited: Mar 03 20, 07:58 PM


    Recently, the forums have been silent for weeks on end and we haven't heard from the developers for months. I am wondering if this is because the developers are currently working on the mod or if they have stopped working on it. After some digging, I found that CrushedPixel is developing on a weekly Minecraft Tournament event (Minecraft Championship). Perhaps this is why he has switched focus from Replay Mod to MCM?

    I'm simply asking for an update from anyone with insight into the team, on if the development of the Replay Mod is being discontinued or reduced. I really hope this is not the case, as the Replay Mod is incredibly popular and useful, and there are no real alternatives.


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    Mar 07 20, 12:17 PM | Last edited: Mar 07 20, 12:20 PM

    I've got some bad news.

    I've been thinking about this too and since I had nothing better to do I scoured Twitter for tweets that mentioned CrushedPixel to see if anyone had asked him about this.
    Someone did, when the 1.15 snapshots came out, and this is what he said:

    "Probably not going to happen - both Johni (who does pretty much all of the work nowadays) and I are busy with other projects, and neither of use use the ReplayMod personally. So it may very well be that 1.14.4 was the last supported MC version."

    I also looked on GitHub to see if someone had forked it to keep it up with 1.15 but no-one had.

    I often wish that I could code well enough to the point that if there was a bug or an out-of-date mod or plugin I really liked, I could just fix it myself. Sadly I have neither the skills nor the time to learn them.

    The only thing close to an alternative is a Scarpet program by GnembonMC which moves a player between pre-defined points. It's nowhere near the same because it's server-side, but here's the link if you're interested

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    Mar 07 20, 01:40 PM | Last edited: Mar 08 20, 02:17 PM

    That is incredibly unfortunate. The Replay Mod is one of the most useful and versatile mods in the game, and provides the backbone for cinematic content for the world's largest game. I wish I had the financial capability to fund the development of a second Replay Mod, loosely based off this one but with far, far more features. But I don't right now.

    Plus, I'm not fluent in Java, only Python. It's a real shame that the developers of this incredible mod are working on other projects since the Replay Mod seems to be hugely more influential than this MCM event.