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[Guide] How to make an effective bug report
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    Aug 13 15, 06:14 AM | Last edited: Nov 27 15, 01:20 PM

    Hi guys and girls

    As you are aware, the Replay Mod has recently been released to the public.
    The group of Beta Testers was relatively small, so there were no doubt a few bugs that happened to get away without being squashed before the release.

    So far there has been a lot of valuable feedback regarding bug reports, which is highly appreciated. I am just going to outline a few tips to make the squashing of bugs process a little smoother and less time consuming on the part of the developers.

    When posting a bug report, please try include as much information as possible.

    As far as possible include the following:

    - Crash log (Preferrably either in [spoiler] tags or pasted to pastebin)
    - If you have no crash log (or even if you do), paste the following:
    - Your OS (Mac/Windows/etc) including architecture (32x/64x)
    - Version of Forge
    - Version of Java
    - What other mods you have installed
    -Also try indicate what triggers the bug/crash
    -If the crash/bug only occurs on a specific replay, upload the replay file and link it in your thread.
    -If you have uploaded a replay file, include a time-stamp (or preferably an event marker) so that the devs know where to skip to.
    -If possible, include screenshots and/or video footage (try keep it short and to the point)

    This will just help them pinpoint the issue much faster which will result in the bug being squashed much quicker :)

    Please also prevent posting multiple threads about the same thing. The development team is quite small but they do pay close attention to the forum and will do whatever they can to solve the problem if possible.