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[Suggestion] Event Markers - Too easy to delete
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    Oct 25 15, 05:23 AM

    This is a simple suggestion:
    At the moment, the default key for adding an event is 'M', while deleting an event is 'Delete'... but also 'M'.
    You can see the problem here - it is way too easy to delete events, because the same key is used to add, as well as delete them. When editing videos, I often press M thinking I'm adding another event, but don't realize that I've deleted it until it's too late - now I have to go back in time to find when I placed the marker, which is obviously a pain.

    The solution? Easy. Just remove 'M' as a function for deleting events. Instead, have 'M' as an "add event marker" button only, while keeping the 'Delete' button for deleting event markers. Makes sense, right?

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    Oct 26 15, 11:33 AM

    Added it to our Suggestions list. Will notify you once it was added.

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    Aug 09 19, 01:09 AM

    I'm not really having the same problem, but i find Event Markers pretty useless

    But I have the same problem with the keyframes.