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Locked Any chance of rendering the hotbar?
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    Dec 18 15, 10:23 AM

    I'm thinking about starting a Minecraft Let's Play series in VR

    I want the viewer to see my inventory when I open it and see my hotbar, I wish this mod could have the option to render it

    On VR, the hotbar and inventory would be where the recorded player is looking, it would be still if all axis are stabilized

    This definitely would be an option, people still want to render videos without the hotbar visible

    Devs, tell me what you guys think, maybe it's a horrible idea but let me know

    Right now I'm doing the trick by recording Minecraft with OBS and this mod, and then patching the hotbar onto the final video with a mask (this takes forever)

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    Dec 18 15, 12:54 PM

    Ok so i've been thinking of a way you could implement this, you could use the object system you already have and a list of dynamic object, add a feature that makes the objects stick to the player (for spectating mode)

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