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The Replay Mod's Secret
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    Jan 14 16, 01:55 AM

    I have posted this thread for really no good reason. I just wanted to tell you something funny that I found: the Replay Mod's secret! That's right! Here it is: The files that the Replay Mod creates are compressed A LOT. Open up a .mcpr file with 7-Zip, and look at the size of the actual recording. The recording is literally compressed from 2.1 GB to 10.8 MB: a size 200x smaller than the original.

    I had no idea that a file could even be compressed this much!

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    Jan 14 16, 03:08 PM

    This morning, I wanted to read this post on my phone... When I was at the " That's right! Here it is:" part... My phone shut down....