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    Jan 29 16, 04:21 AM

    Hello! I just have a quick question. I apologize if this has been asked before, but I briefly searched for this question and I did find out that Optifine is compatible with the Replay Mod, however, I do not know how to have them both running at once. So my questions are:
    How do I use Optifine in Forge concurrently with the Replay Mod?
    Is Optifine currently supported for gameplay?
    I've been spoiled by Optifine over the years and so not having it while playing with the Replay Mod is not ideal for me.

    I know that you can not render with Optifine installed and I also know that a developer stated that there are supported mods that accomplish the same thing as Optifine, thus there's no need to make it compatible.
    So far, installing Optifine normally results in another Profile called "Optifine" that uses it instead of Forge.
    Downloading the jar file for Optifine and placing it alongside the Replay Mod in the mods folder results in the Minecraft Launcher to close upon aattempting to launch and there is no error. Meaning, I click play and the launcher closes like normal, but the game itself never opens.

    I'd also like to tell you that this is by FAR the COOLEST mod I have EVER seen and I greatly appreciate the work you've done with it!! I was speechless when I first happened upon the Basic Tutorial! Keep up the AWESOME work!! :D

    Thanks, JMan

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    Jan 29 16, 09:39 AM

    I've never done it myself but there seems to be a tutorial on the Minecraft Wiki explaining how to install Forge and Optifine (the ReplayMod is just installed normally afterwards) however it looks fairly outdated to me. You might want to try this first (which is at least for 1.8).
    Yes, Optifine is supported during gameplay and does not have any known issues during replaying either, merely rendering with it installed does not work.

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    Feb 02 16, 11:04 PM

    You can put the Optifine installer in the mods folder, and it will work. The Optifine installer works as both an installer and a Forge mod.

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    Nov 20 19, 09:43 AM