Skywars Cannoneer

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This might not work on some operating systems, for example OSX or Windows 8/10
  • Owner User37
  • Uploaded 02.08.2015
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  • Duration 05:18
  • Category Minigame
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  • Minecraft Version 1.8
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  • File Size 661KB
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  • User1

    Aug 02 15, 06:34 PM

    That's pretty badass.

  • User37

    Aug 02 15, 06:45 PM

    Thanks! I don't know too much about video editing. Any suggestions for good software to use that won't compress the file that Replay outputs? I use windows movie maker when recording with dxtory to reduce the file size, but I don't want to do that with Replay files, but I still need to add audio/titles etc.