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  • Owner User37
  • Uploaded 12.08.2015
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File Info
  • Duration 11:19
  • Category Build
  • World Name Build world
  • Minecraft Version 1.8
  • Path Presets 0
  • File Size 798KB
File Description
Building anoter Eevee evolution.
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  • User997

    Aug 13 15, 11:20 PM

    Hey could you do a Poochena for my sister? (I think that's you who spell it) She is totally into pokemon and it would be awesome when I showed it to her. If you want to continue the evee thing then please do a Glaceon

  • User37

    in response to User997

    Aug 14 15, 06:07 AM

    Sure thing! I will do a Poochena for your sister this weekend :)