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Locked Bug , cannot read replay on Mod pack Direwolf 20
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    Apr 18 17, 07:41 PM | Last edited: Apr 18 17, 07:45 PM

    Hi guys,
    Plz help me! I want to add replay mod on the modpack Direwolf 20 ion 1.10.2 in curse (now twitch).So i installed it, i record 2 replays and in the main menu, impossible to read the replays!
    I have find nothing on the web, thx for support and sorry for my verry bad english

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    Apr 18 17, 07:52 PM

    Hello musgrid.
    Here is a section in the documentation that will help you with your problem.

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    Apr 18 17, 08:39 PM

    thx very much! i modify the code of the main menu and it is fine thx!