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Stop System & Save Keyframes
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    Jul 25 17, 05:22 PM

    I am using the 1.10.2 version and dude it is so buggy, when the time line hits end it crashes the replay and you lose everything. you need to fix this. Also adding in a keyframe save feature for when this happens would be handy... I have never seen a mod crash or not output so much. It has taken me 3 days to work on 7 files of 10 to 30 mins due to crashes... VERY UNSTABLE AT BEST!!!!!

    Thanks for trying

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    Jul 25 17, 05:27 PM

    There is a save feature and it's your own fault for not reading the docs if you had to re-do all your paths everytime it crashes.
    Also, complaining about it crashing will not help us to fix thoses crashes. Read this.

    If you never report those crashes, you are not entitled to complain about them.