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    Feb 16 19, 07:12 PM

    Do people know if the mod replay mod was going to be update in 1.13.2 or if it's up to us to update?

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    Feb 16 19, 09:05 PM

    Oh, I see, snapshots for Forge 1.13.2 has been released \o/.
    I've started updating the RM to 1.13 (with Forge built from source) a few months ago but was eventually blocked by the Mixin library not yet working on 1.13 (and we really need it). I am unaware of it's current state except that no new commits have been pushed to the main repo.

    I do plan to resume the update process once the Mixin lib is available. So, if you wish to help, getting Mixin on 1.13.2 would be a great.
    For producing usable RM jars, we'll also need MixinGradle to be compatible with FG3. It should not be necessary for working on the update though, so it's secondary until I'm done with the main chunk of update work.

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    Feb 26 19, 05:42 PM

    Good luck with everything Johni, and CrushedPixel. It's a wild new world out there with this new version of Forge. I'm rooting for you to be able to tame this beast!

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    Feb 27 19, 02:54 PM

    I Belive many people are waiting for this update, make videos without this mod is soooo boring =D

    wish you luck with the adaptation!

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    Mar 22 19, 04:31 AM

    The good news is that I hopped over to the Mixin Library and it does appear there is some updating activity over there.

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    May 07 19, 03:45 PM

    OK, I've more or less got the update to 1.14 at a point where one can actually run it, so I've decided to skip 1.13 for now (or maybe forever).

    I could use a bit of help testing the (soon to be) 2.2 version of the ReplayMod before putting out the first pre-release though. There have been a few quite substantial changes to parts of the RM. Since we have a single codebase for all supported MC versions, any version may break when I touch something and I really can't test all 11 supported versions after every tiny thing I change.

    Here's a link to a current snapshot: Expect bugs, lots of them.
    All the usual Minecraft versions are available in addition to 1.14: Simply change the "1.14" in the url to whichever version you're looking for.
    When reporting an issue for these, in addition to the usual guidelines, please clearly state your RM version in the title of the thread. Also always make sure you're actually using the latest version (linked above).

    Specifically these things have undergone significant changes compared to 2.1.4 and need to be tested on all versions:
    - The initial handshake at the start of a replay, i.e. start of recording and loading of replays (until there's a world visible), with and without other mods, singleplayer and multiplayer
    - Recording of server-side resource packs
    - Movement of the camera and triggering of keyboard shortcuts in replays
    - Video rendering (should now be a lot quicker on most cards), you might have to reset your ffmpeg arguments (i.e. temporarily select a different encoding preset)
    - There have been some changes to the replay file format. It should all be wonderfully compatible but better be safe than sorry: Backup your replays, you have been warned.
    - We've been making more use of Mixins in general, this item has a broad range but should your game just crash when you launch it, then it's probably because of this. These kind of issues are generally easy to fix but requires starting the game on each version to find them (so don't be surprised if you start 1.10.2 and it immediately crashes; not all versions are tested).
    - 1.7.10 has not been getting much love, it might not even launch (I haven't tried). I would like to get it at least back to how it was in 2.1.4.

    The follow things are new and need testing:
    - Quick Mode (1.9.4+ only)
    Quick mode can be activated by pressing Q while in a replay. It should then do some initial work on the replay and finally refresh the world.
    Once activated, only block (not tile entity) changes, entity spawning, entity despawning, entity movement, weather and time of day will be replayed. In exchanged for the reduced quality of replay, you can almost instantaneously seek to any time in the replay, both forwards and backwards.
    Please do not report lack of anything which isn't listed (e.g. particles), this is intentional and for most things will not be fixed (there have to be some tradeoffs).

    - Replay Editor UI rework
    The "Replay Editor" button has been removed in favor of the "Edit" button inside the "Replay Viewer".
    The GUI of the Replay Editor has been reworked to be simpler and more powerful (it supports splitting a replay into multiple replays and cutting away multiple sections). I'm hoping the new UI is somewhat intuitive. If it isn't feel free to ask for details.

    - Start/Stop/Resume/Pause recording
    There are now buttons to start/stop and pause/resume your current recording in the ingame menu which work as you would expect them to. There is also a setting for disabling automatic recording (requiring you to manually start it).
    Internally the RM still always records and the buttons merely use the ReplayEditor to cut the replay as requested after you exit the server/world. You will quite clearly see this if your game crashes during recording and you then try to "Edit" the replay.

    - Blender Export (1.8+)
    The rendering part of the RM can now export geometry in form of a .blend file instead of a video file.
    The option is labled as Experimental and should be treated as such. There's still a lot of work to be done on this and unless the game is outright crashing, don't bother reporting every small issue with it.
    I'm not even sure if exporting directly to a .blend file is a good idea. I've also tried starting blender and exporting via a custom plugin which connects to the RM and so far that approach actually looks more promising (though I've actually been using it for different purposes).

    - 1.14
    The 1.14 version of the ReplayMod uses Fabric as opposed to MinecraftForge.
    See here for instructions on installing the Fabric loader. In case the latest Mappings/Loader doesn't work, I've been using Mappings 1.14+build.1 and Loader 0.4.2+build.132 during development.
    You'll also need to install the Fabric API (not to be confused with the Fabric Loader you just installed. Though the API is technically optional, most mods will require both).
    After installing the Fabric loader, you can install the Fabric API and the ReplayMod as you would any other mod: by putting their jar file into your "mods" folder.

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    May 08 19, 08:45 PM

    Thank you a lot for your hard work.

    Do you know if there is a way to have shaders in 1.14 with Fabric ?

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    AFAIK not at this time. Optifine is still in the process of updating to 1.14 and I don't know of any other mods which implement shader support for MC.

    Once Optifine is updated and considering it can run without Forge, I see no particular reason why it couldn't work with Fabric. Though installation might be a bit difficult. I don't really know how much the just-drop-it-into-your-mods-folder approach of installing optifine depends on forge (it probably won't work out of the box).
    At this point we'll just have to wait until the update is done (again, unless there are other shader mods I don't know about).

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    May 14 19, 08:57 PM

    Thx a lot for your work ! I will test as soon as I can ^^

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    45 minutes ago | Last edited: 8 minutes ago

    Alright, I've done some playing around. The issues I've run into are probably not going to come as a surprise, but like a good little tester, I'll let you know my experience so far.

    1.14.1 builds of Fabric doesn't work, which makes sense... just a bummer because I wanted to test it on my current smp, oh well, haha.

    1.14 works great in single player. Tried out quickmode, and OMG that's amazing! What a time saver THAT'S going to be!


    I just loaded up an old replay from a build I'm working on in 1.12.2, and quick mode didn't work. Does it have to be a new recording for it to work?

    Here's the errorlog from that:

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    24 minutes ago | Last edited: 22 minutes ago

    It appears that yes, quickmode only works on recordings made by this version of replaymod... a shame, but understandable.

    One major bug I found in 1.12.2 that doesn't seem to happen in 1.14 is that after making one click to the replay timeline, the timeline no longer responds to clicks. Buttons to the left of the timeline change color when hovering over them, but they are otherwise not responsive.

    So I tested the only thing I could due to that restraint. I booted up a replay file with paths that were saved, and rendered them. And, yup, that rendered way the frick faster! Well done sir. Once this is stable, this may have changed the fate of build videos on my channel, not even joking!

    I just exported to blender. It exported rather quickly, created a fairly large file. I opened it up in blender. I see all the chunks listed in the Scene, but I see nothing in the view port. Not sure what to look for on this one, would love to test this feature for you as well, as I do enjoy making renders in blender.

    You're doing amazing things! Let me know if I can help out any further!