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Trying to add keyframes causes crash
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    Apr 05 19, 12:23 AM | Last edited: Apr 05 19, 01:01 AM

    Hi - little while ago @johni0702 helped with a corrupted replay file and was able to get it working again! - however I've just gone in to the replay and tried to add keyframes to the timeline and had a crash window pop up with the following error message:

    Spoiler: Error Report

    I found an older thread on a similar error where you recommended deleting the entity_positions file which doesn't seem to be there anyway.

    I noticed in the file that the mods.json file was missing? I tried cloning a mods.json file from a mcpr file that I knew would have the same mods installed but had the same result.

    Here is the file if useful at all

    Any ideas?

    Thanks very much in advance