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update 1.13
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    May 06 19, 09:14 AM

    Hello to you I would have liked to know if your version 1.13 of the mode would be finished soon? But on all take your time nothing is hurrying well for some it may be true for some it will be useful the mode to make time lapse even for me but I can still wait for a little good continuation

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    May 06 19, 11:40 AM

    I'm not entirely sure what you're saying. This thread has the current state of the 1.13 update, though at this point I'm seriously considering skipping 1.13 and instead going directly to 1.14 (via Fabric, not Forge). Especially since both are aproximately equally far updated and, as opposed to 1.13, there aren't any major blockers for 1.14.