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i can't see my replay , please help
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    Jun 18 19, 04:04 AM

    when i finish my receding , i press stop receding and quit to title , then it show something like "saving your video file " in top right corner but when i click Replay Viewer it show nothing .....
    please help me , how to see my video ? or how to save the receded video in Replay Viewer ?
    thank you

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    Jun 18 19, 04:17 AM

    OH wait a second ... when i was survival mode i can save the receded video
    did i can't save the video in create mode ?

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    Jun 18 19, 06:48 AM

    oh something i can get the replay view but something just cant't even i am using survival mod
    something just receded a few second , just can't save the full video why ??
    please help me

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    Jun 18 19, 07:37 PM | Last edited: Jun 18 19, 07:37 PM

    Recording shouldn't care about whether you're in survival or creative (i.e. that would be a bug).

    This sounds more like you're hitting this issue:
    If so, please help in resolving it by following my instructions there.