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replay mod doesn't recognize FFMPEG (v1.14.4)
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    Aug 06 19, 06:19 AM

    I have watched multiple tutorials and read multiple threads on this forum but the Replay Mod still won't let me render my replay. I've downloaded both the 20190804-1994c9, 64-bit, Static build and the 4.1.4, 64-bit, static build (my system specs as you can see it is 64-bit so i'm not downloading the wrong one I think) but both of them get the same result of this . I will put images showing that I have the ffmpeg folder with everything in it in my C: drive and that both Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell recognize ffmpeg. I also went into my advanced system settings and Environment Variables to add the ffmpeg location as a system variable. Folder images : and my command prompts recognizing it: , and lastly the system variable window with C:\ffmpeg\bin in it . I'm seriously lost, so any help is much appreciated. I do have Optifine installed if that changes anything, as well as the replaymod-optifine compatibility fix. I am also on windows 7. Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Aug 06 19, 06:23 AM

    I also dont really know what the .7z file that everyone is talking about is I've also tried to download the "Batch Script" but all I get is this

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    Aug 06 19, 08:17 AM

    If the command prompt recognizes ffmpeg, then you should be good to go. Try rebooting, Windows might not update the PATH variable for every program until you do.