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    Dec 12 15, 11:48 AM | Last edited: Dec 12 15, 05:24 PM

    I hope you like it ;)


    Music: C418 - Sweden "Calm3" - Chillstep [DJ-JO]:

    Shaders: Kuda Light

    The Replay was recorded a while ago, thats why you can see strange things in the background.

    (P.S. We just wanted to make a cool Base ;))

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    Dec 20 15, 10:09 AM


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    Dec 20 15, 01:29 PM

    Firstly, the export quality of the video was great, so you did a great job on that!
    Now here are a few suggestions:
    - Consider capturing an event on Minecraft that is Unique, maybe full of action (pvp montages), or attach a funny/adventurous/action packed story to your videos.
    - When doing speedups of build montages, do ensure that you cover as many open viewed shots of the structure, and consider making a structure which otherwise is Unique, Detailed and/or Appealing, which is what helps your audience keep fascinated when watching.
    - Insert some third party video software effects which can help bring the light to a montage, keep it constantly changing, keep your audience interested.

    Be sure to also play around with many kinds of styles, from building, to pvp, machinemas, major events (Tournaments, Ceromonies etc.), I'll look forward to seeing more of your videos if you decide to showcase them in the future! :)

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    Dec 29 15, 07:32 PM

    Thank you for your Feedback! I couldn't move more freely because I recorded the Replay a while ago and there was a glitch wich made a weird structure in the background (You can see it at the end of the video).

    I will remember your Feedback next time ;).

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    Jan 02 16, 02:54 PM

    Why you can use Shader, wehn i use shader my game rash ever.

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    Why you can use Shader, wehn i use shader my game rash ever.

    Then you should file a bug report :)

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    Jan 05 16, 09:55 AM

    I have a bad Graphic Card so there are only a few Shaders, my PC supports (Intel compatible).
    It took me a while to find one (Kuda Light), maybe it also works for you?